Hello! My name is Stefan. 🙂

The idea of Hub Collector was born in 2016 when I got a couple of requests from my friends to recommend what would be the best laptop or what type of juicer is the best or various of other questions.

In May 2016, I have started think about creating a on line resource where I could exchange my experience and opinion about different types of products with friends and other people. In March 2017, I created Hub Collector and I invited a couple of my friends to help me with that. They have also what to say.

If you look for a particular product and you do not know what the best is, or what is good enough for you, or on which blog you can find reviews about it, then you found the greatest on line resource guide. Hub Collector was created to answer to your needs, to help you finding responses that will ease your decision making process while choosing different products.
Our Motive

We provide honest review about what we know. We want to help people to make the right decision, or make users discover more information about what they need.
I hope we can be helpful for you and this blog will be the last destination, which will help you make decision.

Thanks for visiting us!

You can also make a request for review about some products, just click the button below and write what you would like to know. Someone from our team will make a research concerning the product you chose.
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