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best fishing rods

best fishing rodsLet me share with you one of my personal fishing experiences and how a good fishing rod helped me to go home with a great fishing catch.

So, one weekend I decided to go fishing, and I got very enthusiastic and excited about that. I arrived on the bank of a river prepared my fishing rod and when I tried to catch my first fish, out of a sudden, and unexpectedly my fishing rod broke and I lost one of my biggest catch.

I was so disappointed and annoyed about this incident, but fortunately, I had an extra fishing rod with me which I did not consider to use at first and not only use it but also that this fishing rod will still help me to get the highest fishing trophy that weighed about 2.5 kg.

This fishing rog had a size of 3.6 m and a fishing line of 0.20mm. Having such a personal experience, I decided to make a market survey and to find out more information about the best fishing rod types in according to price and effectiveness/resistance.

These types will be more reliable for fishing beginners or for someone who will be looking for a surprise Christmas present. You will find below the description of top five 3.6m fishing rods types.

Let me introduce you to my first top list of best fishing rods comparison table

Name Goture Portable Supertrip Goture SWORD Sougayilang Gotureb CarbonFiber
Open Length 149.6 inch 141.7 inch 139.3 inch 140.9 inch 139.3 inch
Close Length 20.8 inch 20 inch 26.8 inch 27.6 inch 27.6 inch
Weight 315g 330g 323g 329g 227g
Tip DIA 0.09 inch 0.086 inch 0.086 inch 0.086 inch 0.035 inch
Lure Weight 7-21g 7-21g 7-21g 7-21g 7-21g
Line Weight 8-15lb 24lb 8-15lb 8-15lb 10lb
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

1. Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod

goture portable carbon fiber telescopic fishing rodI based my research, and detailed analysis on several fishing rods manufacturers and Goture is one of them.

This company has a broad range of the fishery rods types, and they are divided into categories according to shapes and sizes, but also in according to accessibility and appropriateness for any fishing level. If we look at the price of this particular fishing rod type we see that it is a cheap fishing rod when compared to other types. It is quite resistant if we analyze its parameters/dimensions, which Goture presents.

The market price and the parameters of the Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod type prove its resistance and accessibility.

This fishing rod type is suitable when carried in a particular fishing rod case, in a bag pack or even in a golf bag.

The main parameters of this fishing rod type are its size (53 cm) and weight (315g) when is being unpacked. These two parameters are of great importance when we deal with little space. It is better to be shorter because it will be easier for transportation.

It is made of carbon fiber, and it has a thick varnish cover layer which looks attractive, particularly in according to its market price offer. This fishing rod type is appropriate to be used for fishing in small lakes and rivers where there are no wind currents.

One of the disadvantages of this fishing rod is that it is not appropriate for big fish catches, the biggest fish trophy would be around 15lb. Unfortunately, this fishing rod type is not suitable for fishing competitions/contests. It is more appropriate for quiet time fishing, time spent with friends and family

To achieve great results and get bigger fishing trophies you will need other fishing rods types. If we pay attention to this fishing rod type parameters which are offered by the manufacturer, it is clear that this type is meant for a fishing beginner and not for a professional one.

There are always advantages and disadvantages in all things, but if you know what your fishing catch would like to be then no matter what difficulties you will find, you still can enjoy this 3.6m fishing rod.

Below you will find an accurate list of the most significant advantages and disadvantages of Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • The convenient size when unpacked.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is the best fishing rod type for fishing beginners and amateurs.
  • It has a 2.3mm resistant fishing chord
  • It cannot be used for fishing competitions
  • It is not suitable for professional fishers.
  • May break when getting bigger than 15lb fishing catch

2. Supertrip Fishing Pole and Reel Rod

supertrip fishing pole and reel rodSuperstrip fishing rod type comes to meet buyer’s needs, this type is deep-laid, and it has an individual design. It was created so that the fisherman will get as much pleasure and comfort from fishing. The Supertrip Fishing Pole and Reel rod also have very useful parameters, a reasonable resistance, and accessibility.

This fishing rod type will make any fisherman happy since it has a verified resistance to 24lb fishing catch, which I consider to be a good one. If you are lucky to get such a catch, then you can consider yourself a happy fisherman!

The unpacked super strip fishing rod has a length of 51cm, which is deemed to be an excellent size because as I mentioned earlier, transportation is significant if you do not want every time to take out the fishing rod from your car and then to put it back when needed again. The Supertrip Fishing Pole and Reel rod have a right size, which makes it easy for carriage.

It weighs 330g which makes fishing a little bit difficult because you need to know that if the fishing rod is thick, then fishing becomes more challenging and annoying.

So the Superstrip fishing rod knocks under the Goture Portable type with 15g weight since Superstrip is 330g and Goture Portable is 315g. The disadvantage, in this case, will be if your fishing is for a longer period then your arms will get tired slowly.

At first, if you will hold both these fishing rods you will say that there is no difference in weighing, but you will notice this slight difference after spending 5-7 hours fishing, and only then you will understand that this little difference matters.

One of the advantages of this fishing rod type is that it chord resistance is an excellent one and this type will help you to catch big fish, and this fishing rod type will be extremely sensible but trustworthy.

The Supertrip Fishing Pole and Reel bar type are recommended more for fishing in lakes and rivers where you will have the feeling of security.

It is made of resistant, qualitative carbon fibers. The yellow color and attractive design will not allow you to get bored when you look at it.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • It is short when unpacked.
  • It is resistant.
  • It has a unique design.
  • It is heavy and not appropriate for extended time fishing.

3. Goture sword fishing rod

goture sword best fishing poleGoture is the company I mentioned above, and I have chosen another type of fishing rods which is because this fishing rod ranks on first on the top list.

The Goture sword fishing rod has a beautiful design; the designers considered the feeling of real pleasure when developing this type. This innovative designing is made of aluminum to avoid the slipping of fingers when the chord is wet.

This fishing rod knocks under the two others described above. The reason will be of its size which is 68 cm when unpacked. Again, it is a matter of great importance when we think about traveling and transportation of the fishing rod. When we want to put it in a backpack and find a spot in our car so that it will not take too much of our car’s space.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer still holds to the customer’s comfort and keeps the lightweight of this fishing rod (323g), which is very good for a longer period for fisheries and the arm’s easiness and also it is quite a resistance.

When compared to Supertrip Fishing Pole and Reel rod type, the Goture swordfishing rod is 7g lighter, but the superstrip best fishing pole and reel rod are considerably more resistant to bigger catches, and also it is 17cm longer than supertrip fishing rod type. Which will have a significant influence while transporting, because it can be deteriorated or it will not be possible to store it in a small bag.

It is advisable to use the goture swordfishing rod when fishing in areas where the water is still or in lakes, or in small rivers. It can be a beautiful present, it has an attractive design, it is made of carbon fibers, and there are added details to the chord, made of aluminum, which makes it resistant and lightweight at the same time.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • It has an unique design.
  • It is relatively lightweight.
  • It is appropriate for fishing in lakes.
  • It is long when unpacked.
  • It cannot be stored in small bags.
  • It cannot be used for the big fish catch.

4. Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod

sougayilang spinning telescopic fishing rodAnother company that provides you with a 3.6m fishing rod model is Sougayilang. The Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod also comes in an attractive designing, adapted to comfort during your fishing time. I will try to present you the most interesting features of this model.

I ranked this model on place four not because it is resistance or price, but because again my focus is on the comfort of each chord. All fishing rod types I am presenting to you in this article are resistant to a particular type of fisheries, which is lake fishing.

When unpacked the Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod has a length of 70cm, which again proves that it is not suitable to be put in a small backpack an be transported easily. It is important, before any purchase to decide what are we interested in, is it something to be comfortable or beautiful.

This model weighs 329g, which shows that it is not easy to handle or to hold for a longer period, you will get tired quickly. It is made of black lead and reading various comments they say that this material is quite resistant.

One of the advantages of this material is that it is resistant to salt water, which means that you can extend the area of your fishing, especially when you want to experience something new.

Nevertheless, there is one disadvantage with this Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod, and this is connected with ordering it. It can deteriorate during shipping due to its size, which is considerably big. But if you are not keen on big fish catch then you can enjoy this model freely. It will still help you to catch fish of about 15lb. I consider this model to be a great Christmas or birthday present for those who have fishing as one of their hobbies.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • It is resistant.
  • It has a comfortable design.
  • It is too long when unpacked.
  • It is quite thick.
  • It is not easy to be transported.

5. Carbon fiber fishing feeder rod

carbon fiber fishing feeder rodIn my research, I thought that I would introduce you with a classical fishing rod chord, which is the Carbon fiber fishing feeder rod. The manufacturer presents this model as being used more than 2000 years BC. These types of chords are extremely light, are pleasant to be handled during your fishing time.

The Carbon fiber fishing feeder rod is made of extremely high-performance carbon which makes it very resistant, and it is also lightweight (227g). I can assure you that this type of chord is one of the most pleasant to be used.

I used this kind of chord for the first time in my life when I was a child, and it is convenient to be handled. One of its disadvantages is the fact that it has a length of 70cm when unpacked and I have already mentioned how this influences the transportation.

Another disadvantage will be that you cannot get a big fish catch with it because you cannot go further into the water with it to throw it to a longer distance.

I would advise this model to be used with children when a father wants to teach his kids how to catch fish. This type will allow you to go to different place, bushes, where you consider that the fish may be hidden.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • It is lightweight.
  • You can quickly assemble it.
  • It is easy and comfortable to fish.
  • It is not so resistant.
  • It is too long when unpacked.
  • It cannot be thrown to a longer distance.
  • It cannot catch big fish.


When deciding to write this article for you my focus was to give you the top five 3.6 m fishing rods types. I wanted to show you that they all have the same length but there are differences in weight and size when unpacked. That is why, before buying one of these types you need to decide for yourself what are your preferences, either convenience or a big fish catch

Personally, I have a real passion for getting big scores during my fishing time, that is why I do not pay so much attention to convenience or tiredness. My personal choice would be the Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod to get a big fish catch, which I always look for.

All these types have advantages and disadvantages, and I hope you will find the most convenient for you or maybe for a present you are looking for. Please, remember that these fishing rods are to be used in areas of calm waters. They are more suitable for quiet fishing.

I wish you to find the one you are looking for and so that will be one of the best fishing rods you have ever wanted to find.

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