Main types of juicers and how choose the right one

Main juicers type

If you are planning to by a juice extractor, you need to know the basic types of juicers for making the right decision. There are four basic types of juice extractor on the market and even the small number of types can confuse you.
Main juicers type

If you like, a good juice without losing any vitamin, you need to make the right decision. Modern marketers offer many varieties of juice extractors for different use due to the popularity of juice freshness and taste, which increases with every year. Some of them are for home use and others for restaurants, some are meant for candy making, or they can be used for commercial intentions or many other needs.

Let us introduce you the four main types of juicers:

  1. Centrifugal
  2. Masticating (also known as single gear)
  3. Twin-gear (Triturating)
  4. Wheatgrass Juicers
Please note that in this review, we will not look at citrus juicers. They are so simple and make you choose just between manual juicer and electric drive citrus juicer the other differences are in design and price. Whatever you chose they have just one purpose, juicing citrus fruits. Simple to use and simple to clean.

Before start (when looking for a juicer, one should always know that) there are three major factors that come in to play while choosing the right type of juicer and different juice extractor types offer different benefits and one should notice that some of these benefits you may need and some will be in excess.

If you make right decision, you will spend less money and you will discover the full potential of your juice extractor.

In order to know, which juice extractor type suits you the best you need to answer to the following questions:

What are the products will you use for squeezing the juice?

Different types of juice extractors can squeeze the juice just from one type of fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass or leafy greens. Some of them are designed just for citrus fruits, some for soft vegetables or other juice source. Most of them are universal juice extractors but if you squeeze juice from hard fruit or vegetable in a juicer that is designed for soft fruits and vegetables you will break it irreversibly.

How many times per day will you use it?

If you are planning to squeeze juice once, a day or occasionally you can by a cheaper compact juice extractor and you do not need to pay more money for tools that you will rarely use. But if you are planning to use the juicer more than one time a day, it is better to pay a bit more for a juicer that has a better metal for shredder or gear and its body is made from more solid plastic or metal material.

NOTE! Not all type use shredder, most of them use a pressure or gear to squeeze the juice. Please do not miss more details bellow.

How important is the speed for you?

There are two main types, manual and electric drive.
For a manual juicer you need to have strong arms and a good resistance, if you are a woman probably this is not the best choice for you. It is true that the manual juicer is one of cheapest on the market, but in the end, you will spend more time for assembling and disassembling it and the speed for squeezing is not the best advantage.

Electrical drive juice extractor will give you a better speed and will save your time much more than manual, it is easy to wash it, very fast in assembling and disassembling it. Most of top brand juicers have a fast squeezing speed, but faster speed is not all the time considered a performance. Some fruits and vegetables need a slower speed because they can froth.

How much can you spend for it?

There is no need for many words, just decide how much you can spend and chose from a range that is optimal for you. In addition, you can spend less money just buy choosing juice extractor with less remarkable design but better parts.
In case, price is not important for you, be very careful and choose the juicer from a manufacturer that uses good quality parts. Behind beautiful design, the manufacturer can hide poor quality parts.

Difference between high speed juicer and slow juice extractor

Retention of nutrients Not too good. High-speed create a frictions which, as we know from physics, leads to heat, which can lose nutrients. Oxygenation is also a bad part. High nutrient retention. This process helps to maintain more of the ingredients’ nutrients because they do not produce heat.
Processes leafy greens? Almost useless. Leafy greens need pressure and centrifugal method is the worst. Great for green juice fans. Slow speed and high pressure will squeeze even last drop from leafy green.
Juice from 120g of Kale ~32g ~62g
Processes nuts? No Yes
Noise level? Same as blender. Super quiet, they work so laud; you can speak on the phone near the juicer.
Squeezing speed? Almost all centrifugal juice extractors have the same speed. It coincides on all points
Pulp Some and wet A lot and dry
Price Lower 90$ – 250$ (depends on the manufacturer) Higher, but worth it: 150$ – 970$

Conclusion: centrifugal (high-speed) vs low speed juice extractor.

High-speed centrifugal juice extractor:

If you like, cooking, baking or other process where you will apply heat then centrifugal juice extractor is an ideal choice for you. If you are not fussy in getting more nutrients and trying to save money, then high-speed centrifugal juice extractor is the right choice. High-speed will make juice to contact more with oxygen and will cause a faster oxidation process.

Slow speed press juicer:

Still juice, green juice, nut milk, banana ice cream and if you are a fresh juice lover, then do not think too much and if you want to get as maximum as possible nutrients into your body and you do not mind spending a few extra bucks then you can buy a slow speed juice extractor. Some slow juicers have tips for making juice with pulp form fruits or vegetables; they do not separate all pulp, just the hard pulp. If you have a baby then this type is ideal for you, you can make porridge by mixing fruits or vegetables or just mixing fruits and vegetables.

Note: Before buying, ask the seller if the model you like has a feature for extracting juice with soft pulp.

Based on the research of the last years, scientists have demonstrated that the high-speed centrifugal and slow speed juicer keep almost 80% off all nutrients from fruits or vegetables in fresh juice. Because the centrifugal makes juice to contact with oxygen a lot, vitamins start oxygenate (die) much faster than with slow speed, ¼ faster than with slow speed juicer. After making juice, just drink it in less than five minutes and you will not lose any nutrients.

Sometimes you will hear about “Centrifugal juicers that make dead juice” – these are lies, these statements are not based on researches, do not allow yourself to be fooled.
Just remember, slow juicer keep minerals and vitamins less long than high-speed juicers.

If we compare juicing from orange, then we see that color of fast juicing is soft yellow, because the fast juicer oxygenates more than the slow juicer, but it is not applicable to all fruits or vegetables. However, both are good juice with the same taste.

centrifugal juicer vs slow juicer

More detailed about juicers by type

Centrifugal juice extractor type

One of the most popular juice extractor machines available in stores is the centrifugal. High speed rounded shredder disc with sharp blades that spin while grinding and grating the vegetables and fruits into very small pieces.

cetrifugal juice eatractor schemeHeart of centrifugal juicer are high-speed drive with high RPM (rate of revolution per minute or rotates per minute), push the juice through a fine-screen separator, after that the juice is separated from pulp. After separation, the juice flows out through the front spout of the juicer, into jug or glass.

Keep in mind that there are two main types of centrifugal juicer on the market. Non-automatic ejection type and automatic ejection type. Crucial differences in how easy to use it; non-automatic cleaning up will be longer than automatic. Second important difference is that with non-automatic after all quart of juice you need to stop and remove the pulp, with automatic ejection juicer you do not need to stop until the juicing session is complete. Ideal for large family or someone who loves a larger quantity of juice from fruits or vegetables.

Main weaknesses

Main weaknesses of centrifugal juice extractor come when is the time to cleaning it, it is a bit tedious in comparison with other types, you need to disassembly almost 50% of it to clean it and it is not pleasant part. But is not applicable to all brands, most of modern juicers are designed for better user experience, and make it easier to assembly and disassembly, with less number of parts, material that are easy to clean. Of course, if you chose an universal centrifugal juicer with lots of components for large variety of needs would can make a little bit difficult to use, bit it worths it.

As we mentioned above is not good enough for juicing leafy vegetables, for example spinach, kale, parsley, wheatgrass or other fine grasses.

One of most powerful feature is speed, you will easily yield enough juice for 1-3 people, and the juicing job will be done, very quickly, especially if the unit you have is a large one, 3 inch feeding chutes, it allows you to add a whole vegetable or fruit that will save a lot of your time on chopping. If you use soft fruits or vegetables, then centrifugal juicer is a better machine.

Because it is a popular type of juice extractor, you have a large variety of brands, design and price that will leave you more space to make a better decision.

Masticating juicers type

With single gear

Second by popularity juice extractor, this machine uses a single auger with blades (gear) that’s spiral in shape, masticating juice use a press power and chew, it crunches the fruits and vegetables fiber, breaking up the cells, fruits or vegetable are feed into the tube. Juicing process is slow; it is slowly extracting and collecting juice in a container on the front under the gear shaft, in the end of the gear continuously ejecting the pulp into second container.

One of biggest advantages of masticating juicers it is its speed; because speed is slow, the drive can put more power in the pressure (crunch) process that can squeeze even the last drop from fruits or vegetables.

Through the masticating process the juice has much less contact with oxygen, which means that the juice will save much more time all his vitamins and minerals, because the oxidation process will be slower.

You can make baby food, nut butter and grain mills with them. They can process even frozen fruits and vegetables, making banana ice or strawberries for making instant frozen ice cream.

Please, before buying a masticating juicer; look at the features, if the juicer supports processing frozen fruits then it will be mentioned in the instruction, if not ask the seller for the model with the capacity for processing frozen fruits feature if you need it.

There are manual masticating juicer and with low RPM driver on the market.

There are two types of juicers, which have the same mechanical process, but different engineering solutions:

1.Horizontal Single auger juicing machines

Horizontal layout machine, traditional design solution. Horizontal gear can eject more effectively all juice from hard fiber sources.horizontal single gear juicer scheme

2. Vertical single auger juicers

Vertical layout machine, modern design solution. Less helpful with hard fiber fruits or vegetables, but more effective with pulp ejection, more ergonomic design and save more space.vertical gear juicer scheme

Of course, both are effective if not looking at the non-significant differences.

Different models have different disadvantages, some of them have much more parts that need in order to be cleaned, and some are not effective enough with hard fiber and for fiber fruits and vegetables lovers.

Small tube means that you need to cut food into small pieces for effective processing, but vertical, horizontal machines need more space. So, before buying ensure that you have enough space.

Twin-gear (triturating)

Triturating also twin-gear juicer similar to a masticating with the same process of juicing. Crucial difference is that it uses two gears and separates juice from pulp in two stages; this process helps for juicing more efficiently.
double gear juicer diagram
During the first stage, fruits and vegetables are crushed, during second stage the gear presses and squeezes the juice. This process extracts more fiber that is soluble, enzymes, vitamins and trace the minerals from the pulp. Making the juice extremely nutrient-rich.

Manufacturers say that this method helps to slow down the oxidation process; unfortunately, we cannot find any research for proving that. If is to try you can store juice for later consumption.

The disadvantage is the price; a second gear increases considerable the price. You will need enough space for the juicer, and to cut food before squeezing.
Other pros and cons are the same as at the single gear juicer.

If you are familiar with juicing culture and you want to move forward then twin-gear is the best choice for you, this machine is most useful for people who have a good regime for a long time, do not mind for extra cost, it worth from first to last bucks.

Wheatgrass juicers type

Made for one purpose, squeezes juice from wheatgrass and leafy greens, soft fruits, as grapes are same good for juicing with wheatgrass juicer type. If you plan to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, please do not buy this juicer.
wheatgrass juicer
Mechanical action are the same as single gear juicer, there are manual and electric type.

Wheatgrass juicer is a good decision when you have centrifugal juicer, as with the additional juicer only for high fiber juice source.


No matter what type of juicers you chose, it is very important for what do you use it; you do not need to spend extra cash for feature that you probably will not use.

Keep your mind cold and clean and make decisions based on what you truly need; do not be fooled by features that you will probably not use. Yes, it is cool to say, “I have a juicer with lot of features”, but in reality you will use it only a couple times per week, do not spend a lot for tools that you will rarely use.

If money for you is not a problem then choose what you want.

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